Tuesday, 6 September 2011

After an hour and bite or two we’d found Vondelpark. It was odd though; the people seemed distant, like they were all waiting for a train to pull up, the children too seemed transient and even the bicycles had disappeared. The sky was peach above us, with silver clouds and faraway birds skimming across the treetops. I laughed. Will rolled up another joint. With such skill and care did he fold and lick and spark the thing, I was awestruck, and as he smoked the plumes of smoke rose and rose above us, flashing mauve in the eerie mist. I laughed again, lay back on the cushion of freshly cut grass and watched the kaleidoscopic light drift in an out of sight.
“What’s wrong with you?”
I wasn’t sure why, it must have been the way he said it for, out of fits of laughter, I couldn’t spit out a word.