Monday, 29 November 2010

The Conscious Unconscious Without a Conscience

You sit down at a stool in an empty whiskey bar downtown only to find that across the room someone is unequivocally watching you. He looks wired, unshaven but impeccably clothed and undeniably his attention is on you and you alone. He rises, carefully and slowly, never once averting his gaze. As he steps across the room towards you, you notice a small article concealed in his right hand, held tightly. But you cannot tell what it is and he slides closer and closer until he is within arms reach and then he stops in front of you, he offers his left hand and lowers his right. His face is a blank canvas, you can’t see or read or know anything about him and he just stares at you with opaque eyes, into you, even past you. And its only now that you realise that it is just the two of you in the whole place, no barman, no-one but you and him and an eternity of thought. 

Do you:

a)   Stand sharp, receive his left with yours and exchange a few quick pleasantries before stating that you've desperately got to catch a meeting with that “fuck up” boss of yours. Nod courteously, and without turning your back to the man, edge out as fast as you can, stabbing at some small talk as not to look suspicious, something like – “You catch the papers today? Another cop got away with kicking the life out some peace protester. This city…” – Then split out the front entrance and run as fast you can without looking back.

      b)     Slide back and swipe at his face with a left boot, throw yourself out the stool and reach for the closest thing you can a glass maybe, or an ashtray, move militantly and unmercifully in for a blow to the head before he’s caught onto the deal. If he doesn’t go down the first time hit a second time in the temple or forehead. If he moves, stomp him for good measure and interrogate, take his wallet if necessary and get the fuck out of there before anyone arrives.         

c)   Stagger backwards and fall, call out for help, scream, shout and blackout with fear. Come round and plead with him, break down and cry and beg him for your life and love and family and everything that you’ve never seen or experienced. Kiss his shoes and give yourself up, your body and soul, the whole of you completely and ask for the right to survive, attempt and assert human nature, instill it within him, help him release the anxieties that brought him to this spot in time and space before the whole world falls from beneath you.    

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