Monday, 29 November 2010

Kerynia and The Lizard

One day there was a little green Lizard called Lady Rizzo. She was queen of all the lizards and envy of the scaly world. She lived in the magical Forest of Lonodon, where many magical creatures lived in perfect harmony. However, on one fateful night, a human set foot in the magical forest of Lonodon for the first time since its creation in the age of the Falapinos. She was no ordinary human either, she possessed the ability to grow weed out of her ears and some would say this is how she managed to cross the magical barrier into Lonodon. Kerynia was her name and as she was walking very, very stoned through the forest she came across Lady Rizzo drinking from the mysterious pool of mysteries. “And who are you to walk through my kingdom!?” Rizzo called. “Woah. A lizard that talks, that’s pretty weird.” Kerynia said extremely slowly. “I am not just a Lizard!” Rizzo shouted, quite disgusted at her new companion. They spoke for a while though and soon they became the best of friends. Some days Kerynia would dance a stupid dance for Rizzo who would laugh at her and not with her. Other days Rizzo would throw up for no reason whatsoever and this confused Kerynia, even more so when Rizzo spoke about it everyday, all day, all the time. One day Kerynia felt sad that she wasn’t with her other friends in the real world so they decided to go back to Kerynia’s home town of Stoney Mcstonerson. When they got there the Lizard Queen turned magically into a human! For the rest of the time they never left each other’s side. They moved to a small cottage together and scissored every night until they both got lesbian aids and died. THE END  

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