Sunday, 7 November 2010

What Is Time To The World Without A Watch

Time has lost its meaning. Some days go by at the blink of an eye, others last an eternity. I cannot recall the date, or an age, or a time that I would say is relative. The isolation of this room in which I live has become a plateau devoid of reality. I sift through an aging hard drive in a systematic deconstruction of moments and memories in an attempt to create a touchable meaning. Books, music, images, videos, newspaper articles, photographs, paintings. Everything and nothing that could give me an understanding of how or why. What happened to them? I am an alien in a foreign world trapped in-between pastoral dreams and metropolitan nightmares. The night sky is filled with the smoke of souls no longer allowed to leave, consumed by the dead clouds that smother the city. What hope is left when even the heavens have deserted us? My exhaustion is fuelled by rationed supplements that are delivered through a tube three times a day, lacking in nutrition, substance, taste. The dangers outside outweigh the dangers in my mind; I have not left this room in all my life. I have forgotten the faces of friends I never had and old enemies taunt me from the sun’s surface. The world which I knew is deceased yet wealth, even at the brink of extinction, lives on like an invulnerable organism, the rich congregate content to prolong their existence while the life of the world around them is being extinguished. They are slaves to the Pound, to the Dollar, to the Euro. Currency flows through their veins instead of blood and greed fills their hearts in place of love. If this is humanity then I am not human. I have tried to make sense of religion and the search for a God, they call this his judgement? Maybe Earth tired of her people looking up, for imaginary men in the sky. We have ripped her to the seams and burnt all her youngest children only to fatten ourselves to a point of explosion. I’m younger than I feel, but age means nothing anymore and my life has been a constant blur. I know not how long I can last here but society has no place left for me, I will continue to sprawl the depths of this computerised entity in a lasting attempt to make sense of why the Human Race stopped running.  

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