Monday, 15 November 2010

I have always told the truth.

The distracted paint was fighting amongst its selves whilst I was walking in, oblivious to my presence. The old grey clerk spilt his words all over the floor before I had a chance to catch the conversation and, in doing so, lost my footing and drifted out the window. 

I wont be returning to this store anytime soon, I thought. 

I hit the grass outside with some force (it felt strangely like concrete) though my new-fangled appendages did well to keep me balanced. 

‘Whats that? No of course I’m not joking!’ 

The blue and black hat disappeared long before the voice did. I shrugged and the picture-show progressed, it was spinning so fast however i couldn't see a thing, I had to yank out the film and stop to catch a breath. Once restored, I could see again. Ah, the young and boisterous clouds were being careful not to criticize the sun. I reached out and tried to pat the clock tower leaning towards me though, quite distressed, it jumped back quickly to its natural spot on the other side of town. 

Never mind, I said to myself, when the postbox winked at me encouragingly. 

‘What a gentleman!’ Something chipped in. 

‘Indeed.’ I muttered, irritated that they’d been listening in. 

The pavements were turning and twisting so often I had to put my shades on. The bastard! He must have sold me prescription sunglasses. It was the small man with a swollen head, it had to be. Where were the last of my Euros I thought as I frantically tried to search my pockets. 

'Damn! That swindle must have swapped them for all these guitar picks and pebbles.'

Better keep this a secret, I whispered, wouldn’t want Will to think I was completely insane. 


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