Saturday, 6 November 2010

When Did You Become Our Saviour?

When did you become our saviour?
What give you the right, to write my wrongs,
Into your web of lies and songs.
Help me, help you to be just as fucking pretentious as me.
Judge before you act and speak before you save.
Face, up to the truth,
You're just as lost and broken as the rest of us.

Act upon your words,
Don't make them into an act.
I had to cut out your tongue, you were talking so much shit.
An expensive education and a bump of ketamine
Don't make you a Darwin or even a Stalin.
It just makes you preach about carbon
And how much better at livin' you are than i am.

The path to enlightenment is clouded,
And though you can smell your own righteousness,
You must walk bare foot across the bridge of broken mirrors
before the world will see your soul for what it truly is:

Shakespeare's greatest satire,
The serious man's joke,
Enough to make him laugh
And to make him cry,
Enough to force the man a match
To set your mind on fire.

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